Rwanda latest Covid-19 entry requirements

If you're planning to travel to Rwanda, below are Rwanda latest Covid-19 entry requirements summary:
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Animals to look out for while on Kenyan Safari Adventure

At Erideka Safaris Kenya, we are a holiday safari tour operator who genuinely take great pride in providing safari tours and local excursions covering Kenya, Tanzania and other safari hotspots throughout Africa. Our most popular safari options are the famous Nairobi to Nairobi safaris with Maasai Mara game reserve destination, particularly at the time of...
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How to Choose which country to choose for a Trip between Kenya and Tanzania?

During migration season in Tanzania, the massive herds tend to position themselves in the southern plains, where the grasses are tastier, more nutritious and plentiful. Because these grasses are short, the animals can be easier to see.
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Serengeti – Maasai Mara Elephants Census Offers African Wildlife Some Good News

There is a lot of really bad conservation news coming out of Africa these days. Most notably, surging demand for illegal wildlife products in Asian markets has created a devastating rhino and elephant poaching crisis across the continent. In South Africa, which is home to around 93% and 40% of the world’s white and black...
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